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There are close to 200 coaches in the HKFC Junior Soccer programmes and all, except for our team of Technical Coaches and Head Coaches in the Youth Development Pathway and Lucky Mile programmes, are volunteers. All coaches are expected to achieve a minimum of FA Level 1 equivalent training. Our volunteer coaches undertake a Level 1 course that combines online and on-field education in coaching children in the game of football in a safe and effective manner. This course is organized, arranged and funded by the HKFC Junior Soccer Programme. We also have volunteer coaches go on to Level 2/C License coaching qualification, which prepares them for coaching at a more advanced level. Our Technical Coaches have a minimum of C License with many with A or B Level license qualifications. The HKFC Junior Soccer programme aims for a player:coach ratio of 7:1.

Monday Night Coaching for Coaches

A session is held on Monday evenings from 7pm to 8.30pm for all HKFC Junior Soccer coaches as well as parents of players. This session offers coaches the opportunity to practice and learn new coaching techniques and drills as well as play some friendly matches. Additionally, from time-to-time, friendly matches against the HKFC social teams are arranged where the Junior Soccer coaches have the opportunity to play 11-a-side matches on the main HKFC pitch.