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Junior Soccer Programme

Training sessions for players in the Junior Soccer programme take place between 7:30am and 1:00pm on Saturday mornings at Hong Kong Football Club, between September and May of each year. Sessions are typically between 1.25 hours and 1.5 hours long and will typically include a warm-up, player briefing, skills session and friendly matches, ending in a cool down. The respective Age Group Head Coaches, Technical Coaches and supporting coaching teams will plan, organise and run each session.

Proper preparation is critical for players to get the most from training sessions. This includes eating a healthy breakfast and drinking fluids before, during and after training as player hydration is absolutely key. Players should also arrive promptly (15 minutes prior to session start) in full kit with proper boots (moulded studs, astro boots or indoor boots depending upon pitch) and shin pads, which are mandatory.

Although there are regular training times and pitches for each group these are subject to change. Please see below for the weekly training times/venues and look out for emails sent to you by the age groups Head Coach.

Master Schedule 2024/2025

Group (Birth Year) Training Time (Saturday) Locations
U5 (2020) 10:30 11:45 Indoor Sports Hall
U6 (2019) 09:00 10:15 Indoor Sports Hall
U7 (2018) 07:30 08:45 Main Pitch, Triangle
U8 (2017) 07:30 08:45 Hockey Pitch
U9 (2016) 08:45 10:00 Hockey Pitch, Triangle
U10 (2015) 07:30 09:00 Main Pitch
U11 (2014) 09:00 10:15 Main Pitch
U12 (2013) 10:15 11:30 Main Pitch
U13 (2012) 11:30 13:00 Main Pitch/Happy Valley
U14 (2011) 11:30 13:00 Main Pitch/Happy Valley
U15 (2010) 11:30 13:00 Happy Valley/Other
U16 (2009) 11:30 13:00 Happy Valley/Other
U18 (2007-2008) 11:30 13:00 Happy Valley/Other
U6 Girls (2019) 10:15 11:30 Triangle
U8 Girls (2017-2018) 07:30 08:45 Hockey Pitch
U10 Girls (2015-2016) 07:30 09:00 Main Pitch
U12 Girls (2013-2014) 09:00 10:15 Main Pitch
U14 Girls (2011-2012) 10:15 11:30 Main Pitch

Golden Age (Primary Youth Competition) Squad Training

Training sessions for the Golden Age squads take place on Mondays and Fridays between 16:15 and 18:45. Specific times by age group will be advised by the Squad Managers.

Youth Development Pathway

Training sessions for the Youth Development Pathway squads take place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 16.30 and 19:00. Specific times by age group will be advised by the Squad Managers.