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Air Pollution Advisory

The HKFC Junior Soccer policy on this issue is that training sessions for children playing in the Junior Soccer Section halts when the Hong Kong AQHI reaches or exceeds level 10. When the AQHI is 8 or 9, training is still on but will be at reduced intensity. However, ultimately, parents should make the decision as to whether their child participates during periods of high pollution. Should you be at all concerned about your child’s situation and his or her involvement in Junior Soccer at certain levels of pollution, we strongly suggest you review these Government websites and consider seeking medical advice.

HKFC Junior Soccer recommends that you check these websites before training sessions/matches to help you to decide whether your child should participate on any particular day. This will especially be the case for those children who have existing illnesses which could be either brought on or exacerbated by pollution.

Finally, should you decide not to send your child to HKFC Junior Soccer because of pollution levels, it will have no bearing on the team or squad that your child is a part of.