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Parents/Spectators’ Code of Conduct

Parents/spectators have a great influence on children’s enjoyment and success in football. All children play football because they first and foremost love the game – it’s fun. It is important to remember that however good a child becomes at football within the club, it is important to remember that positive encouragement will contribute to:

  • Children enjoying football
  • Children playing as a team
  • A sense of personal achievement
  • Self-esteem
  • Improvement in your child’s skills and techniques

A parent’s/spectator’s expectations and attitudes have a significant bearing on a child’s attitude towards:

  • Other players
  • Officials
  • Managers
  • Spectators

Parents and spectators in the club should remain positive and encouraging towards all children, not just their own.
Parents and spectators should:

  • Attend every mini soccer session and tournament they can (or ensure that a responsible adult is present)
  • Not force an unwilling child to participate
  • Applaud the opposition as well as their own team
  • Avoid coaching the children during the game
  • Not shout at players, coaches or officials
  • Respect the referee’s decision and encourage all players to abide by the Laws of the Game
  • Give attention to each of the children involved and not just the most talented
  • Give encouragement to everyone involved
  • Not use or tolerate inappropriate language
  • Ensure their child wears the full Club kit at all mini soccer sessions and tournaments and other relevant times and as may be directed by the Head Coach
  • Ensure their child wears appropriate lower leg protection (shin pads) at all times of play
  • Ensure that if their child wears corrective lenses that these are appropriate for contact sports and safe for their child and other players
  • Ensure that their child does not wear watches or jewelry whilst playing
  • Ensure that their child does not take part in mini-soccer sessions or tournaments if ill or injured

Parents and spectators should value the importance of volunteer coaches and referees and offer their full support.